Waltzing Matilda – The goblins in the wood


Since I had my daughter, Matilda, in 2014 we’ve been on many an adventure together. Plenty of them outside. Any Waltzing Matilda entries on my website refer to an adventure with her (often on my back) in reference to the swagman in the well known Australian bush ballad.

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On Your Farm – BBC Radio 4

Here’s the link to listen to my On Your Farm episode for BBC Radio 4 about the drought down under. What’s it like farming the driest inhabited continent on earth, during a drought?

Four Years Of Australian Drought

In May I spent a few weeks on the driest inhabited continent on earth. I visited the central west region of Queensland in Australia, which had just had its fourth dry wet season in a row. 83.9% of the state is drought declared. As you can see in the picture it’s pretty dry. Here’s a quick chat with Alec Walker from Gillespie Station near Blackall.

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