In Brief

As Jane Grigson once said: “If you don’t care about what sustains life, what else will you care about?”

And that’s me; someone who cares. And someone who wants to be part of the conversation helping to bridge the gap between gate and plate.

I’m a journalist, broadcaster and presenter based in the UK telling stories about food, farming and the countryside.

Being outside, creating something from nature, talking to those who make a living from the land is what works best for me.

There’s a growing gulf between the public’s knowledge of where their food comes from and how the countryside works. Which is strange, because if there’s one thing we’re not going to stop doing soon – it’s eating.

I don’t have the answers but I love asking the questions.

What should the countryside be used for; growing food, growing fuel, flood prevention, housing…. or should it just exist for the view?


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