Urban Vineyard – BBC Radio 4 ‘On Your Farm’


When I lived in London and worked for Sky News I used to scoot out to Surrey and help out on Albury Vineyard in the Surrey Hills. It was my escape from the studio lights and air-conditioning; something I was learning I wasn’t too fond of.

But my most recent visit to a vineyard was inside the M25 for BBC Radio 4’s On Your Farm.

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Harvest 2014

Most talk of harvest is over by the end of September. Particularly this year when some farmers have experienced their earliest harvest in living memory. But there’s still produce to collect in October: apples, maize, potatoes, sugar beet, and of course grapes.


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So spring is springing, and the sun is coming out. It seems I was wrong when just a few weeks ago I was thinking winter will come eventually. And then I realised it was March and the clocks will go back soon. And now we’ve passed the March Equinox… Continue reading “Hello Sunshine”


The vineyard is beautiful in Autumn. The leaves are yellow, a sort of luminous lime and orange with some deep red patches; the veins map themselves in different colours again. The leaves vary between the reds (Pinot Noir and Pinot Menuier) and of course the Chardonnay and Seyval are the most yellow. The effect is a sort of rainbow across the slope. Continue reading “Harvest”

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