Countryfile Live – access all people?

Access means different things to different people. When it comes to the Great British Countryside for some it means access for all to all, with a right to roam on a par to that in Scotland; others see it as maintaining access to that which they’ve always been able to enjoy; and for some it’s about improved access for those with a disability.

For one set of attendees at Countryfile Live it meant having access to the closest car park to the event, saving places for friends arriving in 10 minutes time. Aside from feeling sorry for the parking attendant on his first morning on the job, Continue reading “Countryfile Live – access all people?”


Urban Vineyard – BBC Radio 4 ‘On Your Farm’


When I lived in London and worked for Sky News I used to scoot out to Surrey and help out on Albury Vineyard in the Surrey Hills. It was my escape from the studio lights and air-conditioning; something I was learning I wasn’t too fond of.

But my most recent visit to a vineyard was inside the M25 for BBC Radio 4’s On Your Farm.

Continue reading “Urban Vineyard – BBC Radio 4 ‘On Your Farm’”

Four Years Of Australian Drought

In May I spent a few weeks on the driest inhabited continent on earth. I visited the central west region of Queensland in Australia, which had just had its fourth dry wet season in a row. 83.9% of the state is drought declared. As you can see in the picture it’s pretty dry. Here’s a quick chat with Alec Walker from Gillespie Station near Blackall.

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