So far, so good

So far, so good on the vineyard. The mild temperatures of April and May have meant we’ve avoided any frost damage. But there’s a few more weeks of May left, so I hope I haven’t spoken too soon. After the end of May it’s very unlikely we’ll get any frost risk!

Which is a relief because the vines are well ahead of last year, by about a month. There was bud burst and even some first leaf when I was there in mid April. It differed across the site because of the slope but it’s a remarkable difference to last year when there was snow on the ground in early April.

Silent Pool Rose 2013 will be out on May 24th – the start of English Wine Week. If you’d like to buy some you can find the stockists on the Albury Vineyard website.

If you fancy a visit to a vineyard near you then English Wine Week is a great week to start exploring. There’s more info here.

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