So spring is springing, and the sun is coming out. It seems I was wrong when just a few weeks ago I was thinking winter will come eventually. And then I realised it was March and the clocks will go back soon. And now we’ve passed the March Equinox… but I still have an uneasy feeling, spring frost, April showers and all that.

As for the vineyard, how have we faired over the winter? Well the vines have managed to have their 150 hours of dormancy, where they need the temperature to be below 5 degrees. But it would have been good if it was a bit colder. This warmer weather now means they will bud early and be susceptible to the spring frosts. A nervous time of the year where you’re saving something before it’s even had the chance to grow. But that’s farming.

The rain isn’t really a problem over the winter when pruning. Well, to be accurate it’s not a problem for the vines but it can be a problem to the pruner! It didn’t stop Alex and I finishing the pruning on a rainy day in February though.

Soon all the vines will be tied down, apart from those in the very frost prone patch of the vineyard. When the temperature starts to rise above 10 degrees regularly and the soil warms up, the vines will wake up, the sap will rise from the root and the energy will be transferred to the buds, which will break. It’s almost making me lick my lips in anticipation of what will follow. I’m looking forward to my glass of wine tonight.

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