February at the Vineyard

Just had a lovely fresh February day at the vineyard. Gone was the blanket of white snow and the sun came out. Spring is in the air and (at the moment) I feel positive about a good harvest this year!

Having said that Nick says he’s tasted last year’s Silent Pool Rosé with Ulrich Hoffmann (the winemaker) and Stephen Skelton MW and he thinks it’s better than the 2011. Still not enough of it to go round though and i’m told all the bottles are allocated.

I spent a lot of the day filming a few bits for the blog ( watch this space) and then picking up the last of the old wood from last year. The gang from Romania removed most of it from the wires but there was still a bit on the ground. Fingers crossed this sun will last long enough for the ground to firm up to get the skinny vineyard tractor on to remove the piles of wood. The aim is to get rid of it and burn it before the temperatures get too warm and spread any disease there could of been last year.

I also checked out the new biodegradable ties Nick is hoping the use this year. It’ll replace the green tape higher up the vine and also a stronger version will replace the rubber ties towards the base. Apparently the metal decomposes before the ‘brown paper’ looking outer layer. It’ll look much nicer, reduce labour picking up the green plastic but it will need replacing every two years and isn’t quite as quick as the tape gun.

The ‘gang’ will be here towards the end of the month to start tying down block B. But more on that in my next blog.

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