“It’s the kick in the mustard that makes the thyme travel” I said, as I tried to explain the only mustard I’ve ever liked.  I was eating it with the best fillet steak I’d ever eaten.  And I mean ever


It came with the mustard that had a sprig of thyme pointing out the top.  Decoration I thought, but my better half suggested I try it.

So I duly did.

There was the small hit of the mustard, and then a sort of vapour that spread across the whole mouth, with the faint aroma of thyme.
You didn’t want to eat fast.

When I paused I drank my Croation wine, 2718 sati u boci 2010.  It refers to the ‘hours of sunshine in a bottle’, and is a delicious and extremely affordable example of the local Plavac grape.

I was sitting in the old town of Hvar, having explored the tiny streets to settle on Giaxa to eat in  –  nestled just by the old city walls, built in the Middle Ages, and under an archway lit by candles and an ornate starry lamp from the ceiling. Halfway through the meal a couple sits down next to us for their ‘last supper’.  After a few holidays to the island we learnt from them we’d discovered what they considered to be one of the best little restaurants in the town.

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