Autumn Eight course tasting menu.

Holidays come in all shapes and sizes and during this eight course tasting menu I was in need of one. Whilst I couldn’t fault each course individually, together they made for a heavy tasting menu.  The Yuzu course (Crustacean-Caviar miso Curd, Smoked Broth) was the most impressive, brought to you with a bell jar over the top which when lifted gave way to smoke and hot air which waved flakes of tuna like they were sea fans moving to the drift of the sea (see what I mean!).  The Autumn Black Truffle Risotto was incredibly morish but I made myself leave a bit to save room for the other  five courses.  The portion was too big.  And this is where the flaw of the menu started to become apparent. Foie Gras, Curd, risotto… where was the light and shade? For me it didn’t come until the 7th course, Muscat Grape Granité.

Their service was what you’d expect from a restaurant of this standard.  But I found the sommelier’s accent a little difficult to understand.  However he kindly wrote a list of the wines we’d had paired with our food.  We sat by the rather large fireplace, by which they had their serving table so actually felt a little exposed.  I found the room a little bland and, despite being a Victorian town house for which you need to ring the bell to enter, not very homey.  My dining companion later commented on the lighting where,  unlike pizza hut (!),  there wasn’t an individual light for each table.  I’m no interior designer so perhaps this wasn’t the reason, but the result was the feeling of a rather open affair, nothing particularly unique in its atmosphere.

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